Tutorial problems Analog communications

Pb1. A broadcast radio transmitter radiates 5KW power when the modulation percentage is 60% , how much is the carier power? 

pb2. A 400 Watts carrier is modulated to a depth of 75%, calculate the total power in the modulated wave by assuming the modulating wave as sinusoidal signal. .

Pb3. The antenna current of an AM transmitter is 8 A when only carrier is being transmitted , but is increases to 8.96 A , when the carrier is modulated by a single-tone sinusoid, find the percentage of modulation? find the antenna current when the depth of modulation changes to 0.8.  .

Pb4. A 300 Watts carrier is simultaneously modulated by two audio waves with modulation percentages of 50 and 60 respectively. what will be the total side band power radiated? .

pb5. Find the power of the signal V(t)= cos\omega _{c}t + cos\omega _{c}tcos\omega _{m}t  .

pb6. Find the power of the signal V(t)= cos\omega _{l}t + cos\omega _{c}tcos\omega _{m}t  .



Author: vikramarka

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