System in Continuous Time-domain

A system is defined as an entity that acts on an input signal x(t) and Transforms it into an output signal y(t)

In a system, there exists Cause and effect relationship between two (or) more signals

ex:- Electrical systems, mechanical systems etc.

A system is represented by a block, which accepts signals as inputs and produces signals as outputs.

input signal:- is called as excitation , source 9or) driving function -x(t)

output signal:- is called as response-y(t)

systems may be single input single output systems (or) Multi input Multi output systems.

Here we discuss only about SISO systems only.


T- Transformation of x(t) (Or) operation on x(t).

In general systems are either Continuous -Time (or) Discrete Time systems.

continuous-Time systems (CT system) Discrete-Time systems (DT system)
A system that operates/produces on Continuous Time signals is a CT system. A system that operates/produces on Discrete Time signals  and produces a DT signals is a  DT system.

Classification of systems:-

Systems are classified into

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