Python Programming


Python course overview -Activity.

why python? -Activity.

Python IDE-Activity.

Hello world program – Notes.

Hello world-Activity.

Numbers and Math Functions – Notes.

Numbers and Math Functions – Activity.

Common Errors in Python – Notes.

1. Python program to print a statement “Hello,Darkness”

2. Declare 10 variables and perform arithmetic operations(Addition,Multiplication,Division) on them.

3. Declare 10 variables and perform arithmetic operations(Exponential, Modulus and Floor Division) on them.

4. Print the length of the string ‘programmer’.

5. Python program to Print the following string by using escape characters : We are “VIKINGS” of the north.

6. Write a code to loop through a list of numbers and print it.

functions as arguments (Notes).

Classes and Objects in Python (Notes).

7. Python program on even or odd number using a function.

8. Write a code using a function to check whether a given number is prime number or not.

9. Write a code to print a Fibonacci series upto the nth term. Use the int(input()) to get an input from the user as well for the value of n.).


10. Get a list of name as an input from the user and make the first letters in caps and print each word as a list.



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