Electro Magnetic Waves and Transmission Lines


Electromagnetic Theory: –

1. Amperes circuit law.

2. Application of Amperes Circuital law infinite sheet of current.

3.Surface impedance.

4. Capacitance.

5. Capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor.

6. Capacitance of a C0-axial cable.

7. Capacitance of a spherical capacitor.

8. H due to finite long straight conductor.

9. Maxwells equations.

10.Applications of Amperes Circuit law – infinite sheet of current.

11.Application of Ampere’s circuit law to infinite line current element.

12. Gauss’s law and its applications.

13. Electrostatics-coulomb’s law.

14. Continuity equation.

14. Electric field Intensity-E.

15. Electric Potential (V).

16. Energy Density in Electrostatic Fields.

17. Maxwell’s First Equation in Electrostatics.

18. Poynting theorem.

19. Propagation of plane EM wave in conducting medium (or) lossy dielectrics.

20. Inconsistency in Ampere’s law (or) Displacement Current density.

21. Brewster’s angle.

22. Biot-savart’s law.

23. Inductance of a Co-axial cable, Solenoid & Toroid.

24. Boundary conditions static electric fields.

25. Magnetic Boundary conditions.

26. Relaxation time.

27. Normal incidence on a Perfect Dielectric.

28. Relation between E and V.

29. Laplace’s and Poisson’s equations(Magnetostatics).











Transmission lines: –

1. Infinite line equivalent circuit.

2. Half, Quarter and Eight-wave lines.

3. Input impedance of a Transmission line.

4. Distortion in a Transmission line.

5. open circuit line and Short Circuit line.

6. condition for minimum attenuation.

7. Transmission line equations.

8. Single stub matching.















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