Electro Magnetic Theory and Transmission Lines



Coulomb’s law  Gauss’s law Electric field intensity Gauss Divergence theorem  Maxwell’s First equation  E- line charge distribution EM Wave Equation Electric Potential V Energy Density in Electro Static Fields Capacitance-Farads  Parallel Plate Capacitor  Capacitance of a co-axial cable   Capacitance of Spherical conductor   



 Magnetic field strength of a current carrying conductor    Ampere’s Circuit law   Application of Ampere’s circuit law to infinite current carrying conductor       Application of Ampere’s circuit law to infinite sheet of current           


continuity equation  

Inductance of coaxial cable,solenoid & toroid 

Propagation of EM wave in conductors Inconsistency in Ampere’s law /Displacement Current density 

poynting theorem  Surface impedance  oblique incidence Parallel polarization  Brewster’s angle

Example problems of EM wave propagation  

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