Electro Magnetic Theory and Transmission Lines


(1)-Coulomb’s law  (or) coulomb’s law .

 (2)-Gauss’s law (or)  Gauss’s law

(3)-Electric field intensity (or) Electric field Intensity-E

(4)-Gauss Divergence theorem (or) Gauss Divergence Theorem (or) Application of Gauss’s law to a differential volume element 

(5)-Maxwell’s First equation  (or)  Maxwell’s First Equation in Electrostatics (6)-E- line charge distribution (or) E due to infinite line charge distribution(7)-EM Wave Equation (8)-Electric Potential V (9)-Energy Density in Electrostatic Fields (10)-Capacitance-Farads  (11)-Parallel Plate Capacitor  (12)-Capacitance of a co-axial cable   (13)-Capacitance of Spherical conductor   

 (14)-Boundary conditions Electrostatics  


(15)-Biot-Savart’s law  

 (16)-Magnetic field strength of a current carrying conductor    (17)-Ampere’s Circuit law   (18)_Application of Ampere’s circuit law to infinite current carrying conductor       (19)-Application of Ampere’s circuit law to infinite sheet of current       

(20)-Magnetic Boundary conditions    


(21)-continuity equation (22)-Relaxation time    (23)-Inductance of coaxial cable,solenoid & toroid 

(24)-Propagation of EM wave in conductors (25)-Inconsistency in Ampere’s law /Displacement Current density 

(26)-poynting theorem  (27)-Surface impedance  (28)-oblique incidence (29)-Parallel polarization  (30)-Brewster’s angle

(31)-Example problems of EM wave propagation  

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