Digital Communications

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(1)-DCS VS ACS  (2)-Block Diagram of Digital Communication System  (3)-Pulse Code Modulation (4)-SNR in PCM     (5)-Delta Modulation & Demodulation     (6)-errors in Delta Modulation  (7)-Adaptive Delta Modulation (8)-condition to avoid slope overload error in Delta Modulation   (9)-SQR in Delta Modulation    (10)-u-law and A-law (11)-DPCM   (12)-Inter Symbol Interference  (13)-Non-Uniform Quantization in PCM   


(14)-Base band Vs Pass band Transmission   (15)-Amplitude Shift keying(ASK)   (16)-Phase Shift Keying (PSK)    (17)-Frequency Shift Keying (FSK)   (18)-QPSK Transmitter and Receiver 



(19)-Probability of error of coherent ASK  (20)-Probability of error of coherent PSK

  (21)-Probability of error in QPSK    (22)-QPSK equation and signal space diagram (23)-DPSK Transmitter and Receiver 

(24)-Correlation Receiver (25)-Matched Filter  (26)-PN Sequences   (27)-optimum filter   


(28)-Properties of Mutual Information  

(29)-Burst and random error correcting codes   


DC Unit-4 FAQ  DC Quiz   DC slip test questions   DC Tutorial questions DC Short answer questions with answers





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