Analog Communications


1-Need for Modulation       (or)        Need for modulation .

2-Amplitude Modulation    (or)  Amplitude Modulation (AM)

3-Single tone AM      (or)    Single-tone AM

4-Effective Modulation index in AM   (or)  Effective Modulation index of a Multi-tone AM signal

5-Tutorial problems in AC    (or)  Tutorial problems Analog communications  

 6-SSB-time domain representation  (or)  Time-domain representation of SSB-SC signal

 7-Block diagram of analog Communication system (or) Basic block diagram of analog communication system .

8-Frequency spectrum of Wide Band FM (or)  Frequency domain representation of a Wide Band FM

9-Indirect Method of FM generation (or) Indirect method of generation of FM signal

 10-Phase Locked Loop    (or) Phase Locked Loop (PLL) 

11-Automatic Gain Control (or) Automatic Gain Control (AGC)12-Choice of Intermediate Frequency in Radio Receiver (or) Choice Of Intermediate Frequency (or) IF Amplifier in a Radio Receiver

 13-Tuned Radio Frequency Receiver  (or) Tuned Radio Frequency Receiver 14-Super hetero dyne Receiver   (or)  Super heterodyne Receiver

15-Sampling theorem     (or)  Sampling Theorem 

16-Reconstruction Filter(LPF)    (or) Reconstruction filter(Low Pass Filter) 

17-aliasing effect   (or) aliasing effect in Sampling        

18-Band Pass Sampling   (or)  Band Pass Sampling

19-Pulse Width Modulation   (or) Pulse Width Modulation(PWM)

 20-Pulse Position Modulation   (or) Pulse Position Modulation(PPM) 21-Generation of PWM and PPM using Wave forms    (or)  Generation of PWM and PPM using Wave forms  

22-Noise    (or)  Noise

 23-Figure of Merit of FM (or)   Figure of merit of FM

24-Capture Effect in FM      (or) Capture effect in Frequency Modulation 


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