Early effect in Common Base Configuration

Early effect (or) Base-width modulation:-

In Common Base configuration in the Reverse Bias, As the voltage V_{CC} increases, the space-charge width between collector and base tends to increase,  with the result that the effective width of the base decreases. This dependency of Base-width on the Collector to emitter voltage is known as the early effect.

The early effect has three consequences:-

  1. There is less chance for recombination with in the base region. Hence \alpha increases with increasing \left | V_{CB} \right |.
  2. The charge gradient is increased with in the base and consequently, the current of minority carriers injected across the emitter junction increases.
  3. For extremely large voltages, the effective Base-width may be reduced to zero, causing voltage break-down in the transistor. This phenomenon is called the Punch-through.

For higher values of V_{CB}, due to early effect the value of \alpha increases, for example \alpha changes say from 0.98 to 0.985. Hence there is a very small positive slope in the CB output characteristics and hence the output resistance is not zero.

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Author: vikramarka

Completed M.Tech in Digital Electronics and Communication Systems and currently working as a faculty.