Delta Modulation and Demodulation Viva Questions

Delta Modulation & Demodulation:

  1. What is Delta Modulation?
  2. A message signal m(t) has a BW of 1KHz and exhibits a maximum rate of change of change of 2 Volts/sec the signal is sampled at a sampling frequency of 20 KHz and Quantized using a delta modulator the minimum step size to avoid slope overload is———-
  3. Which type of Quantization is used in DM?
  4. What are two types of quantization errors?
  5. What is granular noise?
  6. What is slope overload distortion?
  7. Draw the block diagram of Delta Modulation system.
  8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of DM system?
  9. What happens to the output signal if the variation of the message signal is
  • greater than the step size
  • less than the step size
  1. What is the advantage of delta modulation over PCM?
  2. Compare DPCM, PCM& Delta modulation.
  3. How to reduce the quantization noise that occurs in DM?
  4. A band pass signal has a spectral range that extends from 20 to 82 KHz. Find the acceptable sampling frequency.
  1. Find the Fourier series expansion of an Impulse train.
  2. Mention the applications of DM.
  3. Write the condition to eliminate Slope over load distortion in Delta Modulation for a single tone message signal.
  4. Write the condition to eliminate Slope over load distortion in Delta Modulation for some arbitrary signal.
  5. We chose oversampling in DM system. True or False?
  6. How DPCM is different from DM?
  7. Draw the waveforms of DM demodulation and Demodulation.
  8. Differentiate Coherent and Non coherent modulation schemes.
  9. Explain the working DM system.
  10. Draw the Wave forms and explain two distortions in DM system.

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