Current equation of the diode

The diode under Forward bias is as follows


The current equation related to the voltage V and current I is given by 

I=I_{o}(e^{\frac{V}{\eta v_{T}}}-1) Amperes

I- Diode current

Io– Reverse saturation current of the diode at room temperature.

V-applied External voltage

\eta– constant   = 1  For Ge

                           = 2 For Si.

v_{T}=\frac{kT}{q} – volt equivalent temperature 26 mV at room temp. 

where k-Boltzmann constant = 1.38 X 10-23 J/K.

T-Temperature of Diode in kelvin   oK = o C + 273.

q- charge of electron  = 1.6X10-19 C. 


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Reverse Saturation Current (Io) of PN-Diode:-


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