Basic Electronics Important Questions Unit 5 (FAQ)


Data Acquisition systems: Study of transducer (LVDT, Strain gauge, Temperature, Force).

Photo Electric Devices and Industrial Devices: Photo diode, Photo Transistor, LED, LCD, SCR, UJT Construction and Characteristics only.

Display Systems:  Constructional details of C.R.O and Applications.


  1. Explain with neat sketch, the working principle of LVDT.
  2. Give the applications of CRO. Explain the Block diagram of Cathode ray tube in detail. 10M.
  3. Write a short note on LED and LCD.

Short Answer questions:     

  1. Distinguish between photodiode and LED.
  2. Why is SCR known as negative resistance device?
  3. What are the different types of transducers used for the measurement of temperature. Explain the principle of any of these.
  4. Draw the symbol of a SCR and VI characteristics .explain its principle of operation.
  5. What is meant by sensitivity in a CRO and explain the necessity of a saw tooth generation of a CRO.
  6. What are the important characteristics of an LCD?
  7. What is an LVDT? By means of a neat sketch explain how a LVDT is used in measurements.
  8. Give the block diagram of a CRO, Explaining the importance of each block.
  9. Explain about an instrumentation amplifier.
  10. Write a note on UJT.
  11. How are DIAC and TRIAC different from operational point of view.
  12. What is a transducer?
  13. List out the applications of a SCR.
  14. Explain the principle involved in a strain gauge.
  15. Draw the symbols of SCR, TRIAC, DIAC and UJT.

Long Answer questions:      

  1. Explain the working of Cathode Ray Tube of CRO with neat block diagram in detail.
  2. What are the applications of CRO?
  3. Differentiate Photo Diode and Photo Transistor in detail in terms of operation and applications.
  4. Differentiate LED and LCD in detail in terms of operation and applications.
  5. Explain the working of SCR and draw the characteristics of it.
  6. Explain the working of UJT and draw the characteristics of it.



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