aliasing effect in Sampling

Effect of under sampling (aliasing effect):-

When a CT band limited signal is sampled at  f_{s} < 2f_{m} , then the successive cycles of the spectrum of the sampled signal overlap with each other as shown below

Some aliasing is produced in the signal this is due to under sampling.

aliasing is the phenomenon in which a high frequency component in the frequency spectrum of the signal takes as a low frequency component in the spectrum of the sampled signal.

Because of aliasing it is not possible to reconstruct x(t) from g(t) by low pass filtering.

The spectral components in the overlapping regions and hence the signal is distorted.

Since any information signal contains a large no.of frequencies so the decision of sampling frequency is always become a problem.

A signal is first passed through LPF  before sampling.

i.e, it is band limited by this LPF which is known as pre-alias filter.

To avoid aliasing

  1. Pre-alias filter must be used to limit the band width of the signal to f_{m}  Hz.
  2. Sampling frequency must be  f_{s}>2f_{m} .

Pre-alias filter means before sampling is passed through a LPF to make a perfect band limited signal.

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Author: Lakshmi Prasanna Ponnala

Completed M.Tech in Digital Electronics and Communication Systems and currently working as a faculty.

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